Generator Installation

Generator Installation

High Quality Generator Installation Services in Buffalo, NY

If you have lived in Buffalo, NY long enough, you know that the winters are long and sometimes can interfere with our daily routines. Sometimes the snow can be so staggering, it can affect your home's power, including causing outage. This can not only be an inconvenience, but a danger to those who need an energy source to power medical related devices. 

At MJM Electrical Construction Inc, we provide quality, reliable generator installation services to the Buffalo, NY area. With a variety of top generator brands, there are plenty of options that are perfect for your home! 

Generator Installation Buffalo NY

Providing Power When You Don't Have It!

When you enlist in our generator installation services, we will take the necessary steps to make sure you not only receive the proper generator, but that it is installed accordingly. First, we will start with a:

Site Evaluation:
When we visit your home, we want to be sure that you have the space available to install a generator. Next, we will determine what size generator we can install for your home, along with a proper transfer switch. 

Providing a Quote:
Next, we will discuss with you what equipment will be needed to power a generator for your home and how much it will cost you.

Permitting and HOA Approval Process:
If necessary,  we will determine if your area requires permitting and if your Home Owners Association requires approval for installation of a standby generator. 

Once we have approval, we get started with the generator installation process. First we will start with pouring of the concrete pad where your generator will be installed. Next, we will get started with installation of the equipment and plumbing for your generator. Once everything has been properly installed, we will do a thorough inspection to assure everything is installed and functioning properly. With everything working accordingly, we will set up a gas provider to power your new generator. 

Startup and Tutorial:
From there, our electrical contractors will give you a detailed tutorial on how to operate your generator. From there you will be good to go!

Contact Us for Generator Installation Today!

If you are someone who can't just abruptly lose power to your home, then a generator from MJM Electrical Construction Inc is exactly what you need! We will work with you to provide and install the best functioning generator for your home. If you have any questions or would like to get started with the generator installation process, contact an electrical contractor from MJM Electrical Construction Inc today!
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